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Change your thoughts, and you change your world: ideas for inspiration

Get on top of your self doubt by bringing in some inspiration to your day.

Sometimes we need a lift in life.  In the busyness of everything, it can be easy to fall victim to self doubt, and your inner critic. When this happens, we tend to focus on the negative things, the stress full things, because they gravitate towards us.  You can get into these little ruts before you know it, and suddenly things become harder than they need to be.  To get the best out of your day, you need to attract the positives.   If you are confident in yourself, and motivated, you can seriously get a lot more achieved, and what’s great is you can use this energy to bring others along with you.  Your mood is infectious, so let’s make it an inspiring mood. It’s not a bad thing to need a pick me up, sometimes the hard thing is knowing where to find it! 

Instant Pep Talk App – This free little app does just what it says!  It sends you an instant pep talk each day to keep you motivated. You can also flick through the gallery, or what I love, is you can create your own inspiration using your own photos or images.  That was you can really connect with your favourite pick me up message.

Unstuck – This is one of my favourite apps ever! Again, it is free. It helps you figure out why you are stuck based on how you are feeling, and helps you sort out a solution.  If you sign up to their newsletters you will start to receive great information about getting ‘unstuck’, boosting your productivity, keeping positive, and decreasing your stress.  You can keep coming back to the Unstuck App at any time to create another ‘unstuck’ moment.

101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy App – We all know being healthier can help you feel motivated and positive.  It gives you more energy when you get on board to healthier eating and a little exercise.  As this app puts it, being healthy can be a revolutionary act! This app gives you a ‘revolutionary act of the day’ to do, or you can ask it to surprise you!  Search through literally 101 ideas to get healthier.  Each idea is broken down into smaller steps that you can take to becoming a healthier person, inside and out.

Renovate your workspace – Recently, I gave my office a new look.  I used to have open shelves.  That sounded like a great idea at the time.  Easy access to all my things.  Overtime, the shelves became full, and it was oppressive.  Each day, my office felt heavy from all those things on the shelves.  When my office is messy, my brain feels messy and I become disorganised.  So I did the best thing since I moved into the office and that was to get cupboard doors.  You cannot believe the difference this makes to my workspace.  Above my desk I have moved the ‘business’ information from my pin board and replaced it with thankyou cards from my staff for various things, drawings from my children, and suddenly I have created a space that is calmer, clutter free and inspirational to me.  I get so much more work done.

For the love of stationary – If you are like me, and love stationary, you can’t go past Kikki K or Twigseeds inspirational desk quotes.  They are small enough to sit anywhere and you can swap the quotes each week.  I have one at home and one at work.  Reading a little quote each day helps me stay focused on what I need to be doing, and keeps me charging down the road of productivity.  If you are not into that, an alternative is to develop your own inspirational screen saver from photos or images that you know ‘pick you up’.

If all that fails, a night in watching the movie Good Will Hunting always works for me.  That is my one stop shop for inspiration in life and in work – gets me every time.

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