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7 talks for 2017: a must for the allied health practice owner

I’m not sure if you are right into TEDtalks… I love to watch them and there are a few that I go back to watch again and again when seeking some inspiration or energy in my work. Listen at any time, whilst travelling, at home, at the start of your work day.  There are lots of different topics you can choose from, but I have handpicked 7 that I think can really relate to an allied health practice.

1. Amy Cuddy’s  “Your body language shapes who you are” is a talk about how you can adjust your own posture to give you more confidence at work. I have spoken on this one before, but I just love it! Click here to watch. 

2. Tom Wujec shares this great way of working through a problem at work as a team.  How to break things down step by step.  This is a great talk that highlights how we all approach tasks differently, and give different steps different levels of priority.  A great one to watch as a team. Click here to watch. 

3. Kate Anderson talks about overcoming chronic shyness and how this allowed her to help other people to grow their own talents and passions.  A great talk for people who employ staff – help them develop their talents and create opportunities for them. Click here to watch. 

4. Ric Elias' "3 things I learned while my plane crashed" is a short, but powerful, talk about the things that changed in Ric's life following his onboard experience whilst a passenger on the flight that landed on the Hudson River in New York in 2009. Click here to watch. 

5. Laura Vanderkam's "How to gain control of your free time" is on of my favourite talks - I hear so often from health practitioners that they have not time... no time to work on their business, no time to get all their tasks complete, and I even say it myself - so I love this talk - it brings me back to the reality of how to find the time to get the things done that are a priority for me. Click here to watch. 

6. Work life balance – how can we make this work? Nigel Marsh shares his observations about the ongoing thrive to get work life balance in our lives.  He will make you think about what it means to be balanced and how we can get closer to achieving this. Click here to watch. 

7. The 404 page! The ‘broken’ page on a website – when the website cannot find what you are looking for.  This can happen on your practice page….. Renny Gleeson talks you through what a 404 page is, and how you can turn them around to enhance the consumers experience in your website. Click here to watch. 

I hope you enjoy the above talks. They are great to go back to during the year, so set a reminder in your diary to come back and have a re-listen. Sometimes I even show the talks to my staff at the start of planning sessions or because they have a message that I think is a great one to share.  Hearing a message from another speaker is a great way to get staff on board with a concept, or start a conversation amongst the team.


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