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How to conduct a privacy audit in your practice

There are several ways to conduct a privacy audit in your practice. When we are looking to ensure we are compliant with the privacy law, we can look at reviewing what we are currently doing in our practices. 

The process to ensure compliance looks like this:

Stage 1: Building on existing good practices: make a list of what is already being done in your practice so you can build on these. It will save time.

Stage 2: Conduct a review to work out what sort of information your practice collects, holds, uses and discloses. One of the biggest things you need to ensure you know, is your practice functions and activities. What is your practice currently doing? How are appointments made? How often do you communicate to referrers? How to you accept referrals? Are you on a cloud based system for note writing, or do you use paper notes? Having a good understanding of your processes at present for how the practice operates is essential to be able to apply the privacy principles.

So, three questions at this stage:

  • Do you have a clear picture of your practice functions and processes at present?
  • Do you understand how data and information moves in, around and out of your practice?
  • Do you have a main person that is responsible for privacy? 

Stage 3: Familiarise yourself with the privacy principles and how they might affect the way your service handles information. Compare what you are currently doing with the principles to highlight what you need to work on

Stage 4: Develop a plan of how these things will be achieved and break it down into action steps

Stage 5: Work out how and when you will train your team, how often, and when your privacy policies and practices will need reviewing. Book it into the diary!

If you are having difficulty knowing where to start, we are here to help - we have recently released our privacy audit tool just for allied health practices. This will step you through checklists for all the areas in your practice where you need to be mindful of the privacy principles - click here to check it out.

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