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Admin tasks gobbling up your time?

Are you spending your valuable time doing too much admin, and not enough of the other things you need to do? This can be detrimental to your practice. It reduces your billable hours and means you run out of time to plan and operate your practice efficiently.

It is important to recognise when you need to consider outsourcing help to manage the administrative tasks in your practice or service. Here are some thoughts on when you might need to consider this:

  1. You find yourself spending a large proportion of your week following up phone calls, typing letters or reports, billing clients etc.
  2. Your correspondence back to referrers is heavily delayed.
  3. You do not have time to get the systems you would like into place.

You need to reflect on what the above is costing you – if, for example, you are spending an average of 8 hours each week on admin tasks – multiply this by your hourly rate to work out what this costs. You then might consider outsourcing some of these tasks to someone who would cost less per hour. This can then free up your time to see more clients which will then improve your cashflow. 

Some outsourcing handy links:

  • You can look at Synapse Medical Services - Margaret Faux is the owner and spoke at our Healthy Practice event in 2015 – she is a real entrepreneur when it comes to supporting private practice in healthcare. Synapse offer transcription services, but also Appointmaid virtual reception services for taking calls and making bookings.
  • Also consider V Consult - Lucy Willis is lovely and will offer 40% off the setup fee for Maida Learning members, so explore that option too! Virtual assistants are a great option as they work for you, but you don’t need to have an office for them which is great for therapists who are mobile and have a ‘work from home’ practice. A virtual assistant can help with many tasks. These could be bookkeeping, proof reading, taking phone calls, typing up systems, assisting with organising, ordering, sending correspondence.

Before you launch in, consider these 3 important points:

- The method of communication and security of information. Will you communicate via email or phone? How will you send the information to them whilst still protecting the privacy of your client information? Will they be providing a confidentiality agreement?

- Costs. It is worthwhile getting a quote to begin with and working out if this is affordable for your practice. Some virtual support personnel charge an hourly rate whilst others might charge you a monthly fee. If there are extra things you need them to do, you need to know up front if they will be an additional charge.

- Turnaround time. It is awkward if these parameters are not set out at the start. Your admin support need to know when you expect the work to be completed. Remember that a virtual assistant will most likely also be working for other people as well in a similar capacity, so you need to be aware that they might not be on call for you 24/7!

Good luck, and if you have any questions, let us know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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