Amy Geach

Amy Geach

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 15:13

3 great online mental health tools

I often see clients in my practice that are struggling to cope with the changes that come with an injury. These can include loss of function, change of roles, thoughts of an injury or accident, or stress on relationships. There have been times when some of my clients have been waiting for professional counselling services to begin, and I have needed something in the meantime to help them - a tool that I can help them access to provide some interim support. Well I found something and I was very excited.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 09:07

No excuses for dodgy presentation slides!

We have a lot of things coming up at Maida Learning over the next month – including workshops that I will be presenting for fellow allied health practitioners in both Adelaide & Melbourne, which brings me to today's topic!

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 09:16

What makes you different?

Do you know how your practice or service is different to your competitors? Do you think you communicate this difference well to your clients and referrers?

One of the challenges I frequently hear from allied health practitioners is the ability to feel comfortable on the topic of client fees. Therapists (often those that are sole practitioners, or staff working in outreach, or satellite clinics) sometimes feel awkward when there is no ‘barrier’ between them and the patient in terms of cash handling; and when they have treated a client, to then take money and ask them to book in again. Can you relate to this?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 10:38

Spring clean your practice!

Spring is just around the corner, and today I would like to share 12 tips to spring clean your practice! Don’t worry - you can put the rubber gloves away as we are focusing on freshening up the business side of your practice! You can also download our handy checklist to get ready for your spring clean.

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 08:54

Discover your Blockers

Today I want to chat about something we all encounter at some point, that stops us from getting to where we want to go in our professional life and achieving our goals...

Friday, 28 July 2017 15:21

Preparing YOURSELF to start a business

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2017 7.00pm AEDT (LIVE) 

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Free

(Recording will be available for members of Maida Learning)

It is no secret that the life of a business owner can be at times a roller coaster ride.  Pressured to learn at lightning speed, make decisions on a daily basis, often regarding the health and goal attainment of others as well as our own. Working hours can be long and sometimes we may find ourselves yearning for a more rounded work-life balance. This webinar will help you reflect on the current skills you have, and those which can help you build resilience and create your own boundaries in both professional and personal life.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017 14:31

Creating your Vision

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017 7.00pm AEDT (LIVE) 

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Free

(Recording will be available for members of Maida Learning)

Sometimes when we find ourselves in new situations that are unfamiliar, it can be hard to work out where we want to go. This is where creating a vision helps - the vision of a business consists of your aspirations, and a view of where you are going. When there is a  well worded and thought out vision, implementation of the strategies you need to make your vision a reality, becomes much easier. This webinar will help you make a start to articulating your own vision.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 09:20

Chatting with Jackie O'Connor

At Maida Learning, we always like to get out and about and meet people. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie O’Connor: mum, traveller, masters student and allied health entrepreneur! Jackie has an infectious positive outlook on the possibilities in healthcare for the future, and is determined to help the allied health profession reach those heights.

Having a plan for your marketing is important, it helps you ensure your money is going to good use, but the planning process itself helps you learn about the different forces and factors that may affect your success. Writing and researching for your marketing plan gives you the chance to learn about your industry, and allows you to work out strategies, and set specific goals, and timeframes for achieving them.  One of the hardest parts is knowing where to start?!  For those who are not sure where to begin to create a marketing plan, I have developed 7 steps to help you.