Amy Geach

Amy Geach

Tuesday, 24 May 2016 16:28

Which program should I use?

I often get asked which patient software program is best, and my answer is often always the same. There is no one great program that suits all allied health practices. The choice will depend on what you need it to do, and what architecture you are running on – Do you have a server? Do you have just one computer? Do you want it to be mobile (taken and accessed on the road with you)? I suggest to practitioners to look around, and ask the program suppliers these questions as a starting point:

Last time we looked at registering yourself as a provider under the NDIS. Let's explore some of your ongoing responsibilties as a provider:

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 18:47

Video Ideas!

Last week I shared some of the benefits to creating videos for your practice.  Today, I want to help you make the first step to making them possible, or… if you have already used videos before, I am hoping to share some fresh ideas for future videos.  After reading this, I want you to take 5 minutes, that’s all, to write down some ideas of content you could share with a video of your practice.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 16:48

Do you really need videos?

I often hear of video success stories, where people have harnessed the power of video in their practice to showcase their work. My question to you today is: are you also going to become one of them? Are you sceptical of video and its benefits, or think it is expensive? Or…. Are you just too busy to think about it? Either way, I think you need to find some time to see how it might fit with your plans this year.

Last time we looked at preparing yourself as a provider under the NDIS. It is recommended you start the registration process now (if you haven't already). Let's explore some of the areas you will need to consider:

Tuesday, 26 April 2016 09:41

Minimising client debt

We all love to believe that all clients will pay on time for our services, but in reality it does not always happen. Outstanding payments can really affect your cashflow, and it often means more admin time organising a way to collect the money. Any practice owner, even sole practitioners, need to develop a system that helps reduce the likelihood of people not paying in the first place, and then a way to collect the debt if that occurs.

When starting your business as a provider, one of the first points to consider is your business structure. This involves being a self-employed contractor or service provider. The way you structure your business has a direct reflection on taxes and income (examples include sole trader or company). It is recommended that you discuss your business structure options with an accountant before getting started. Following this, there are responsibilities of self-employed providers or private practice owners under the NDIS, and it is worth learning and planning for these ahead of time. Let's explore some of the areas you will need to consider:

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 12:40

My Favourite Apps for 2016

Each year I like to share my favourite mobile apps. I don’t like to have too many apps on my devices, as I get a little lost and forget about some of them, but there are a few that I use frequently. Apps are a great way to keep organised on the run. I often split my work between home and my clinic rooms, so it is vital for me to have a system where I can access items at home, at work and when out and about on the road or when travelling.

Monday, 04 April 2016 13:20

Building your allied health brand

Your brand is not just your logo, or an advertising campaign on social media. Your brand is comprised of both tangible and intangible aspects of your business that differentiates your service from your competitors. Understanding branding concepts is so important on both an individual level and from a practice perspective.

Monday, 28 March 2016 16:51

More ways to fit extra in your day

Last week we talked about ways to save time in your day, so you have more time to get through your to do list. Today I will share with you more ideas you may be able to use to shave some time off tasks in your day, and possibly fit in one extra item. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Some ideas may seem obvious, but it's always worthwhile re-assessing the time management tools you are using in your business.