Amy Geach

Amy Geach

Last week I shared some specific areas in your allied health business that influence consumer perceptions of your brand, today we continue exploring this topic by focusing on brand touchpoints following their appointment.

I want to share something with you today that is always in the back of my mind as an allied health small business owner. It is the question: Are any of my brand touchpoints letting me down? Let me explain.

Stock images (photo's available for you to legitimately download & re-use) are widely available across many Australian and International stock repository sites. They can be a wonderful inexpensive way to give that professional edge to your business website, blog, social media updates or presentation slides, but there are some really important things for us to remember as allied health professionals:

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 06:12

Tips on organising photos for your practice

Last week I organised for a photographer to visit my practice to take some new pictures of staff to use on our websites and social media sites. We also have photos of our team on the wall of the waiting room. Here are some of my tips for preparing for new photos to be taken in your business:

You may have heard on the news this week that standard postage stamps now cost $1 each. That is a significant jump from the previous price of 70 cents. I still send my practice mail via the post for particular items. If you do too, have you heard this news of the humble stamp increase, and considered how it might affect your practice? Here are some considerations.

I am looking forward to the new year.  There is something each new year that happens in my brain that says – the calendar has clicked over, things will change!  I will have more time to do things, be more active, and tick all those things off my to-do list.  Of course we all know that this does not happen unless we plan a way to make it happen.  Here are some tips to ensure you have a great new year and that you have achieved your goals come next Christmas!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 14:43

Getting the leap on staff leave

It is very near to Christmas and I find things get so hectic around here in our therapy practice. There seems so much to do and so little time, and the lead up to Christmas gets a little frantic. But why?

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 07:51

Looking at more than the bottom line

It’s difficult as an allied health professional as we learn how to be clinicians and practitioners but we don’t necessarily learn the financial aspects that are required to run a service, or run a business. I am by no means a financial specialist so the information I share here is not financial advice; it is more about presenting things for you to think about, words to know, and questions to ask when talking with your accountant, bookkeeper or financial advisor.

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 11:16

Elephant in the room: 5 things we sideline

On the weekend, I flew to Perth in Western Australia to speak to a wonderful group of Speech Pathologists in private practice. We had a great day talking about regulations in healthcare, tips for running a better business, and ways to tweak marketing so we can ensure we offer great value and customer service. It is a wonderful learning experience to get out and talk to other practitioners in healthcare about their thoughts, ideas and concerns in healthcare today. "Busy-ness" is one of the key areas that impacts on one’s ability to running an effective practice – how can you do all those little things that are important when you are so busy seeing clients? Here are the five things that I think we sideline when busy in our day to day business…. Are you forgetting to focus on any of these?

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 09:05

Honing in on your Home Office

I am not sure if you have a home office, but I certainly do. I think it is essential when you have a work and family blend in life. My home office is not anything magnificent, but it has all the things I need and a view as well – that is exceptionally handy for my pondering! If you have the space for a home office and are thinking of setting one up, or you have one that is not quite right, here are some tips for making it a productive space.