We have a great range of allied health specific business webinars in our library. Here are the current titles below.

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Past Webinars

  • Privacy Auditing for your Practice

    Privacy Auditing for your Practice

    Do you know your obligations as an allied health provider really well under the privacy laws in Australia?  How can you collect client information for enewsletters? What should you have on your consent form and what information should you collect? This webinar will work through the areas of your practice that you need to apply privacy principles and take you through a simple audit process that you can apply.  The audit will allow you to see the areas that you might need to work on more, or the areas that you have covered well.

  • Handy online tools to increase your efficiency

    Handy online tools to increase your efficiency

    We all want to be efficient right?! Efficiency in your practice will allow you to have more time to spend on the things that matter, and can streamline tasks that you need to do. Creating efficiency within your team as well can greatly benefit how smoothly your practice runs.  This webinar discusses online tools that you can use to organise yourself, organise your work and organise your team. A must for any private practitioner!

  • Fellowship for people that hate networking!

    Fellowship for people that hate networking!

    Networking. You would be surprised how many people say they dislike it. But why? Bad experiences? Maybe. Networking is a crucial part of your business life from many perspectives: new clients, new employees, career development, keeping up to date with industry standards and getting right information from the right people when you need it. This webinar focuses on networking from a fellowship approach to build relationships and make some in roads to develop your network connections.

  • Creating a debt collection system

    Creating a debt collection system

    Debt owed to you from clients or stakeholders such as insurance companies, can put a large hold in your cashflow.  Good cashflow gives you the ability to pay your expenses on time and meet your obligations.  This webinar covers How to prevent bad debts from occuring, How to plan your debt reduction policy to ensure your money is being received, How to collect outstanding balances and Tips for when people don't pay or are late paying.

  • Privacy laws and allied health

    Privacy laws and allied health

    Do you know your obligations as an allied health provider really well under the privacy laws in Australia?  How can you collect client information for enewsletters under the privacy regulations? What information do you need on your consent forms? This webinar is vital in private practice and covers Current privacy principles and how they relate to allied health, Tips for collecting and storing client information and How we can and can't share client information.

  • Facebook marketing for beginners

    Facebook marketing for beginners

    On Facebook for your practice and not sure if its working for you? Facebook is not hard to set up and get going, and there are many benefits, however a lot of practitioners are not sure how to focus on using it as a marketing tool the correct way.  This webinar takes you through Setting Facebook marketing goals, Understanding what Facebook marketing success means, Tips for marketing your practice on Facebook, Boosting posts to increase your audience reach, Learning basic insights and analytics and Ensuring your posts are ethical and abide by AHPRA codes of conduct.

  • Structure Basics: Your Guide to Business Structures

    Structure Basics: Your Guide to Business Structures

    Which business structure is best for your needs? Company, Trust or Sole Practitioner, and can you have a combination?  Can you change from one to another once you have started a practice? What are the tax implications for each structure?  Which one is best for business growth and employment of staff?

    These are just some of the questions that are answered in this webinar with friend of Maida Learning and guest presenter Damien Seaman, Associate with Easdowns Business Specialists.

  • Twitter for beginners

    Twitter for beginners

    The world of tweets can be a confusing and lonely place.  This webinar is a must for anyone wanting to get onto the Twitter platform for their services, covering how to create an account, how to compose a tweet, grow an audience, interact with others, and promote your services through Twitter.  Learn ideas of what you can tweet to grow the awareness of your service to the community and your target audience.

  • Facebook for beginners

    Facebook for beginners

    Not on Facebook yet? Social media is a great way to  market your service and grow your brand. Facebook is not hard and there are many benefits to being on Facebook to promote what you are offering.

    This webinar covers how to set up a Facebook page, grow your audience, write posts and network with other people. If you haven't entered the world of Facebook, or have a page already and don't know how to get it going, this is the webinar for you.

  • Using Canva: how to create groovy images for your business

    Using Canva: how to create groovy images for your business

    We all know the power of great images in business, but how can you achieve that if you are just starting out on a shoestring budget?! Well, we (and Canva) are here to help! Canva is an online, free design platform that enables you to create great designs with easy to use templates and design tools.

    This webinar is great for both Canva converts who would like a few extra tips, and also those new to Canva.

  • Understanding funding through Medicare

    Understanding funding through Medicare

    As an allied health professional, there are some really great opportunities for clients to uptake Medicare funding to access allied health services. These funding schemes have particular obligations to the allied health professional and guidelines.

    This webinar covers what you need to know about the following three Medicare funding schemes: HCWA (Helping Children With Autism) funding, EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) Plan, and Better Access to Mental Health funding. We will cover your obligations as a provider, and how to easily incorporate this funding into your practice.

  • Using Trello to Stay Organised

    Using Trello to Stay Organised

    Getting organised when you are busy working day to day is one of the key things to being able to accomplish what you need.  Sometimes it is hard to find the right platform.  Trello is one program that can help you get organised and stay organised.  Learn how to set up your Trello account, manage your dashboard, add new boards and create to do lists.  We will also go over how to add images, articles, checklists and file attachments to your tasks, and assign them to members of your team.  Trello is a great little resource to use and is available for mobile devices and desk top computers so you can use it at work, home or on the go.

  • Relationship Marketing: building relationships with your referrers

    Relationship Marketing: building relationships with your referrers

    This 2 part webinar is suitable for allied health professionals working in group practices, sole therapists, and also those who are in the public sector and want to increase their marketing knowledge. Through these webinars you will: Gain knowledge on marketing strategies useful to reach the GP/referrer audience, Develop an understanding on how to create a marketing plan for your practice, Develop an insight into changes of what GPs want through a review of research and Learn strategies you can implement immediately into your practice or service to enhance your relationship with GP’s.

  • Employee Engagement: I can't increase salaries, how can I motivate them?

    Employee Engagement: I can't increase salaries, how can I motivate them?

    "I've set up my private practice, I even have a few employees; however, they've been working for me for a while and the topic of pay increases has come up" How do I keep my hardworking employees/contractors if I don’t have enough money to give them a pay increase? 

    This webinar helps you establish whether you have recruited employees or contractors, provides helpful hints on ways to keep your contractors/employees engaged, getting the best from your team without breaking the bank, and use of the EACH Method: Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, Humility.

  • The Fair Work Act

    The Fair Work Act

    If you employ staff or are thinking of employing, you really need to know about the Fair Work Act and how it relates to your practice. 

    This webinar takes you through the Fair Work Act implications for your practice, including staff leave, uniforms and payslips.  We will cover the allied health care national award and the mandatory national employment standards.  There is a great abundance of things to know, so we will summarise what you need for your allied health practice.

  • Engaging Your Employees

    Engaging Your Employees

    Employees want more than monetary rewards. They want to feel empowered, and they want to contribute towards their workplace. Leaving this up to chance is not wise. Join in this webinar to learn how to develop your team, so you can be productive and have a happy workplace.
    We will cover cost effective steps you can take to engage your employees,and why this is essential for any workplace. Happy staff means happy customers!

  • Recruiting Staff

    Recruiting Staff

    Good recruitment procedures are essential for any business or practice.  They will help you ensure you get the right staff, who are then trained well and perform efficiently in their roles.  How do you employ someone?  What are the first steps? What are your legal obligations? 

    This webinar guides you through the process you need to take if you want to employ great staff and ensure you are meeting your obligations as an employer.