Why Maida Learning?

If you want a community of like minded people around you, who also want to develop their optimal private practice, then we have just the community and support you are looking for.

Maida Learning is here for allied health professionals at every point in their practice. If you want to start, grow or slow down, we are here to help you out. We live by our mantra that we are your practice friends, from start to end. We talk to many allied health professionals and we know what it is like to run a private practice.

The core values of Maida Learning are simple. We want to provide support and education that is practical, relevant and affordable so your can easily increase your knowledge and skills in the business side of your allied health practice.

maida learning is great if you want to:

Grow your client numbers and get more referrals
Market your practice effectively (without being pushy)
Create and sustain regular income (and pay yourself!)
Avoid common mistakes made when running a practice
Price your services accurately
Reduce overwhelm and find your focus points
Remove the loneliness that comes from being in private practice
Enhance out your cashflow and income
Become super efficient and productive
Build and develop a team around you
Have more time off and achieve your preferred work life balance

become part of a dynamic community of allied health professionals

We are proud to have really amazing members who have joined our community to learn, improve themselves and their practices, and be along like minded people. They are super friendly, inspiring and are happy to share their challenges and ideas right from their very own practices. Hanging out with these people is such a great way to lose that isolated feeling, and grow your confidence.

Meet our founder, Amy Geach


"I started off in private practice in 2006 and had no idea what I was doing! Over time I have studied business, tried new things, built a team around me, and designed the ideal practice that I love. I wanted to create a place where I could share my ideas and help others in their private practice journey. This is why I began Maida Learning. I want you to be able to achieve success without having to start out where I did. If I can prevent you from feeling lost and overwhelmed in private practice, I will be a very happy person. Being in private practice is rewarding, and has given me immense joy. I want you to feel that too."

Amy graduated from the University of Sydney in occupational therapy in 2000, and completed her Masters in Clinical Science (Hand and Upper Limb Therapy) in 2007 from Curtin University in Perth. Since then, she has worked in the field of hand therapy at RPA Hospital and Sydney Hospital.

More recently, for the last 13 years, she has owned and operated private practices providing hand therapy and paediatric occupational therapy. Amy is very passionate about ongoing professional development for therapists and delivering business support and education for private practice owners. She developed this passion into a new arm of her business, founding Maida Learning in 2013 to provide business education specifically for allied health professionals. Amy is currently completing her MBA and was humbled to be awarded Business Leader in the NSW Business Chamber Riverina-Murray Business Awards 2015.

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