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There are two things that I am a believer in when it comes to running a private practice in the allied health space, and that is being true to yourself and remaining authentic, and the second is standing out and being brave enough to try something different. I don’t like being complacent in practice – it’s important to inject new ideas each year. I have the following 10 ideas to help spark your creativity for the upcoming new year.

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I have worked clinically in the area of hand therapy for many years now and over time I have loved the new addition of technology and innovation to our profession. It allows us to work efficiently but there are also benefits for our clients who can do things online like map their pain journey, learn about anatomy, interact with programs that help improve their symptoms, and remember when and how to exercise.

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I used to do a lot of my planning in my head. Just thinking and then making random announcements to my team of new things we were going to start.  Once I applied for a grant to run an after-hours clinic – we were successful, and then I announced the project to my team – I never thought about their thoughts on working after hours!  Certainly, something we should have planned out.  That taught me a valuable lesson in sitting down to plan my practice quarterly with team members.

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All my staff know that I am a stickler for good magazines in my waiting areas – they have to be inspiring, creative, and promote wellbeing…. And I also love when they can create a mini mental escape for my clients.  I certainly am not a fan at all of ‘trashy’ or ‘gossip’ mags, so they are out! A good magazine can really help you with your branding, and for me, there are some favourites that really match with what we are all about.  They might be helpful for you too…. As long as they match YOUR brand as well.

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