What you need to tell your designer when planning your new practice logo

Today I was asked a great question by one of our members and I wanted to share the tips I shared with her about rebranding her logo.  Picture having a logo that you put together quickly, either yourself or had someone help you with, and then finding a couple of years later it didn’t sing for you. What do you need to think about when you want to redesign your logo.  You can take this information to share with a designer to ensure you get the logo that works for you.

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Signs your staff are not coping in your allied health practice

Stress in any private practice is not ideal, particularly if it is ongoing and goes unnoticed.  Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times when days get busy and a little stressful, but this is not something that should be experienced each and every day for your staff or for yourself. It can lead to people feeling disengaged, tired, frustrated and that is when you start to see mistakes creep in, or forgetfulness start to appear.

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13 ideas for your allied health practice in the new year

There are two things that I am a believer in when it comes to running a private practice in the allied health space, and that is being true to yourself and remaining authentic, and the second is standing out and being brave enough to try something different. I don’t like being complacent in practice – it’s important to inject new ideas each year. I have the following 10 ideas to help spark your creativity for the upcoming new year.

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Books I read that I want you to read too

I am hoping you have some downtime put into your calendar over the next week. A time to stop, relax and celebrate the year.  Whether you are away from home, or just having a home vacation, I have put together a holiday reading list for you. Even if you have the chance to read or listen to half a book – that is time well spent!

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