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3 great online mental health tools

I often see clients in my practice that are struggling to cope with the changes that come with an injury. These can include loss of function, change of roles, thoughts of an injury or accident, or stress on relationships. There have been times when some of my clients have been waiting for professional counselling services to begin, and I have needed something in the meantime to help them - a tool that I can help them access to provide some interim support. Well, I found something and I was very excited.

This week I share with you three online mental health services that I think are great not only for clients in need but also colleagues, family members or friends we know.

E-mental health
Firstly, have you heard of the E-Mental Health platform? This is an online tool that allows you to search for mental health services available in Australia. This online resource allows you to search for mental health support and resources via categories, such as trauma, grief, children etc. A great tool for finding help for our clients whilst they may be awaiting formal counselling, but also for ourselves. This is certainly a platform that offers assistance for all Australians, not just clients, but clinicians and admin support staff as well. Click on this link to access their website: http://www.emhprac.org.au/

Mind Spot
Mind Spot is an online counselling service that is highly recommended by the team at the E-Mental Health programs. It is for clients and therapists/admin staff. There are two online questionnaires for anxiety and depression that are good to direct people to who might not feel comfortable talking about this in a therapy session. This program is funded by the government and is free. There are specific programs for wellness, pain management, and PTSD, as well as more general anxiety and depression. The website can be accessed here: https://mindspot.org.au/

Clients can be referred using an easy online referral page, or clients can be directed to access Mind Spot by providing them with an information sheet. The health professionals page can be accessed here: https://mindspot.org.au/information-health-professionals

The myCompass program has been developed by the Black Dog Institute to help people better self-manage mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. The program is freely available on any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets (e.g., iPads) and mobile phones. The program supports real-time self-monitoring of problem thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and provides 24/7 access to evidence-based skill building modules and other self-help resources.

Clients need to sign in to use this service. More information can be found on the myCompass website: https://www.mycompass.org.au/


Have a great week.

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