Amy Geach

Amy Geach

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is approaching full swing with more and more areas of Australia due to roll out the scheme. What does this bring for allied health? The NDIS brings opportunity to provide valuable services for participants of the scheme. If you are in the process of looking into becoming a provider of the NDIS, or are just starting the registration process, there are some important things to consider...

Being on Facebook is a great marketing tool for allied health practices. According to Sensis, in Australia last year, 55% of the population were on the internet more than 5 times a day. Of those who accessed the internet, 26% used social media sites more than 5 times a day and 63% of people in Australia use their social media accounts after work or in the evenings.

Working harder does not always been better things will come your way. Working harder means often more hours, more fatigue, and can be a reflection of in-efficiency in your workplace. There are a few key ways we use our time that can be really detrimental to a practice that is wanting to become more efficient. Knowing which ones relate to us is a great first step in then trying to reduce their impact on our day to day.

There are several ways to conduct a privacy audit in your practice. When we are looking to ensure we are compliant with the privacy law, we can look at reviewing what we are currently doing in our practices. 

At a minimum, all allied health practices employing staff should have a Policies & Procedures Manual, however every practice can benefit from this business tool - you don't have to be a large public or private company.

Monday, 03 April 2017 17:04

Leaders in Allied Health: Meeting Hui-Yu

Last week I had the wonderful experience of meeting an amazing social worker who put her vision into place at a rehabilitation centre in Northern Tasmania. Hui-Yu is more than a social worker, she is also a mother, and a campaigner for the greater good in healthcare. Yet, she is humble in the process. Part of the quiet revolution in healthcare. We need people like Hui-Yu who are happy to forge ahead with creative problem solving to craft their vision. If you are ever thinking of applying for a grant for your vision, keep reading!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 11:50

Preparing for Easter

With Easter not far away hopefully you have started to think about what you need to do at your practice when there is a holiday period. Easter eggs have been out in force this year in the shops – for a while too – each time I grocery shop I panic about when Easter is and if I am organised. Seems to always sneak up on me, even though the signs of Easter are in the shops for months!! The Easter period means different things to each of us, but the common thread if you are running a private practice is that you may have a closure period coming up. Here are 5 things to consider this Easter in your practice.

Sometimes when we are caught up in the day to day running of our practice, we can forget to ensure we have followed the right legislative and ethical procedures – not for not wanting to, but just out of pure busy-ness. Don’t be one of those statistics – a practice owner too busy to get things in order. One of the essential things to get organised is how you go about privacy in your practice.

I believe one of the biggest factors that can really set apart a great entrepreneur in health care is the ability to be resilient. It is such an important concept, often overlooked.

The term entrepreneur is not greatly understood I believe. Sometimes it is associated with really out-there ideas, ground breaking wonderful “hang on to your hat” type ideas, and other times it is associated with the little people starting with little ideas. In healthcare it is rare to hear of an entrepreneur – and I often think that is because it has been associated so closely over the last 5 years with ‘business’ and ‘youth’ that people have started to feel it is not something that fits in our industry – I completely disagree! There are so many entrepreneurs in the health care industry.