Yvette Howe

Yvette Howe

If your allied health practice has a website, or you are thinking about starting one, make sure you consider the big picture to keep your business online presence healthy.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 08:36

Managing the email overwhelm

Do you feel you have a great system for managing your incoming email? Or maybe you are someone that feels you never have time to tackle your inbox, and are watching it grow by the day...here are some simple tips:

In a few weeks Amy and I will be in Brisbane enjoying two days with our Healthy Practice workshop participants, learning more about the business side of running successful allied health practices and services. Today I would like to start introducing our Healthy Practice team that we have handpicked to come on board and share knowledge in their area of expertise.

Networking. You would be surprised how many people say they dislike it. But why? Bad experiences? Maybe. Networking is a crucial part of your business life from many perspectives: new clients, new employees, career development, keeping up to date with industry standards and getting right information from the right people when you need it. This webinar focuses on networking from a fellowship approach to build relationships and make some in roads to develop your network connections.

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 12:09

Using Hicaps in your practice marketing

Last month we headed to the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference in Perth, and I had an opportunity to visit the Hicaps stand in the exhibition hall (they were also conveniently located near the scones, jam & cream). Do you know about the great free resources Hicaps offer you as a provider? Here are some ideas on how you can harness these resources for your practice marketing.

Our team member Yvette Howe took 5 minutes with friend of Maida Learning Ben Cunningham to find out his approach to leadership, innovation and business management within the allied health industry.

This 2 part webinar is suitable for allied health professionals working in group practices, sole therapists, and also those who are in the public sector and want to increase their marketing knowledge. Through these webinars you will: Gain knowledge on marketing strategies useful to reach the GP/referrer audience, Develop an understanding on how to create a marketing plan for your practice, Develop an insight into changes of what GPs want through a review of research and Learn strategies you can implement immediately into your practice or service to enhance your relationship with GP’s.

"I've set up my private practice, I even have a few employees; however, they've been working for me for a while and the topic of pay increases has come up" How do I keep my hardworking employees/contractors if I don’t have enough money to give them a pay increase? 

This webinar helps you establish whether you have recruited employees or contractors, provides helpful hints on ways to keep your contractors/employees engaged, getting the best from your team without breaking the bank, and use of the EACH Method: Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, Humility.

Thursday, 17 September 2015 16:54

Client Template Starter Pack

Our Client Template Starter Pack will save you hours reinventing the wheel! The pack includes:

  • Generic Referral Form
  • Patient Information Sheet
  • New Patient Details Form (private)
  • New Patient Details Form (Workcover)
  • Home Visit Checklist
  • Home Program
  • Fax Coversheet

Cost: $29.00

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Which business structure is best for your needs? Company, Trust or Sole Practitioner, and can you have a combination?  Can you change from one to another once you have started a practice? What are the tax implications for each structure?  Which one is best for business growth and employment of staff?

These are just some of the questions that are answered in this webinar with friend of Maida Learning and guest presenter Damien Seaman, Associate with Easdowns Business Specialists.

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