Yvette Howe

Yvette Howe

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 14:04

Hitting the road to learn more

We headed to Sydney recently to attend the event "Reinventing the Wheel: how to get your innovation seen and monetised" as part of the 2015 Sydney Vivid Festival. The aim of the event was to learn from great minds what makes an innovation commercially attractive and investor ready. It was also the launchpad to announce the SMART 100 highest ranked innovation for 2015, an annual index presented by Anthill Magazine, of which Maida Learning was a finalist!

Monday, 25 May 2015 16:06

Twitter for beginners

The world of tweets can be a confusing and lonely place.  This webinar is a must for anyone wanting to get onto the Twitter platform for their services, covering how to create an account, how to compose a tweet, grow an audience, interact with others, and promote your services through Twitter.  Learn ideas of what you can tweet to grow the awareness of your service to the community and your target audience.

We all know the power of great images in business, but how can you achieve that if you are just starting out on a shoestring budget?! Well, we (and Canva) are here to help! Canva is an online, free design platform that enables you to create great designs with easy to use templates and design tools.

This webinar is great for both Canva converts who would like a few extra tips, and also those new to Canva.

Tuesday, 06 January 2015 09:16

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Thursday, 16 October 2014 11:38

Marketing Mojo Booklet

Cost: $15.00 (including P&H)

Our Marketing Mojo booklet is your workbook to get things moving!

This practical resource is your starting point to develop a marketing approach to suit your individual allied health service and brainstorm strategies to align with your vision.

The 20 page booklet guides you through the basics of marketing, how to write a marketing plan for your business, formalising your vision, analysing your market and value proposition, and exercises to implement and measure your marketing strategies.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013 09:00

The Fair Work Act

If you employ staff or are thinking of employing, you really need to know about the Fair Work Act and how it relates to your practice. 

This webinar takes you through the Fair Work Act implications for your practice, including staff leave, uniforms and payslips.  We will cover the allied health care national award and the mandatory national employment standards.  There is a great abundance of things to know, so we will summarise what you need for your allied health practice.

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