Magazines for waiting rooms that I LOVE

All my staff know that I am a stickler for good magazines in my waiting areas – they have to be inspiring, creative, and promote wellbeing…. And I also love when they can create a mini mental escape for my clients.  I certainly am not a fan at all of ‘trashy’ or ‘gossip’ mags, so they are out! A good magazine can really help you with your branding, and for me, there are some favourites that really match with what we are all about.  They might be helpful for you too…. As long as they match YOUR brand as well.

Ok, so in no specific order, here are my favourites at the moment for waiting for space magazines…..

  1. Breathe: This magazine is all about well-being, mindfulness, creativity and making time for oneself. It has brilliant well written SHORT articles on lots of topics such as slowing down, getting good sleep, getting back in touch with nature, overcoming stress or imposter syndrome.  The length of articles is important, as it gives clients time to actually read them…. And being short, they can fit more into each issue, so they are packed with inspiring ideas.

  2. Teen Breathe: One of my all-time favourites and I recommend it to all tweens and teenagers. This magazine is from the creators of Breathe, but they have a beautiful twist for the precious young ones in our lives.  If you have teenagers as clients in your practice – this is a brilliant magazine. It covers things like coping with un-likes on social media, being yourself, being kind, creative, and managing friendships. 

  3. Peppermint: The creators of this magazine love to share stories of people doing good things. Making good things, creating good projects, and genuinely being good people. They also share ideas on sustainable living and their stories are inspiring and I find it really hopeful to read through.

  4. Australian Gourmet Traveller: This magazine is a great mental escape, but it also showcases the amazing places to visit in our great country. It is full of quirky and interesting places, foods, and recipes and is an easy magazine to sit and look through.  It has articles that appeal to any gender, so a great all-rounder to have.

  5. Delicious: The front cover alone of each issue is worth the purchase – always amazing recipes beautifully photographed – you cannot help but pick it up and read away. And I love to offer a free photocopy of recipes if anyone wants them, or if it is the end of the month and a new magazine is on its way, letting a client take it home is a great idea too.

  6. Outback: This one is also a must. It is another one great for any gender, and any age range.  It has stunning photos – and great stories of courage, grit and innovation in our great farming families across Australia.

There are more that I LOVE, but those are 6 of my current favourites.

Happy reading if you get your hands on a copy.


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