5 cost-effective ways to boost the mental health of your team

This month is mental health month and what better time to stop and consider what you are providing to your team in regards to maintaining a healthy mind in the workplace. You probably know yourself that the ebbs and flows of private practice can take their toll at times, and this can also have an effect on your staff.  I want to share with you some very cost-effective ways can contribute to a healthy mind, for yourself and also your team.

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The business of your allied health business card

Having a business card made is one of the first things that practice owners work on when they decide to start a business.  And why not? It is certainly something that we need and something that we provide to our clients so they know how to contact us and possibly when their next appointment is.  Here is a question though, have you look at your business card lately?  Does it do the business you need it to do? Here are 5 things to think of when planning out your business card.

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Do you know what you need to create your own healthy practice?

I often talk to people about having the ‘ideal’ practice, something that they can love and a business that can give them the things in life they like, but that doesn’t just happen – you have to work at it. Just like ourselves, where a healthy body and mind gives us the energy, resilience and focus to take on life’s challenges, a healthy practice also allows us to take on the ebbs and flows in health care and still benefit from the wonderful attributes that private practice brings…. without bringing in negative stress to your life. So what is a healthy practice?

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Your guide to using a graphic designer

Have you ever used a graphic designer and ended up with a result that wasn’t what you had in mind? Or maybe you haven’t used a graphic designer before and are not sure how to even start that process? Here at Maida Learning, we have used graphic designers many times, and we asked our friends at JAM Media to give some insights into the things you can do as an allied health business owner to get a great outcome with graphic design.

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Use these allied health blog titles next time you are stuck for content ideas

If you have a blog as a marketing tool for your practice, you might know that feeling that comes with wondering what you will write next? What else can you share to your readers and what knowledge do you have to impart. You might also know that feeling when you self-sabotage and tell yourself you have run out of things to say or that people don’t want to read what you have to say..

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