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I used to do a lot of my planning in my head. Just thinking and then making random announcements to my team of new things we were going to start.  Once I applied for a grant to run an after-hours clinic – we were successful, and then I announced the project to my team – I never thought about their thoughts on working after hours!  Certainly, something we should have planned out.  That taught me a valuable lesson in sitting down to plan my practice quarterly with team members.

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All my staff know that I am a stickler for good magazines in my waiting areas – they have to be inspiring, creative, and promote wellbeing…. And I also love when they can create a mini mental escape for my clients.  I certainly am not a fan at all of ‘trashy’ or ‘gossip’ mags, so they are out! A good magazine can really help you with your branding, and for me, there are some favourites that really match with what we are all about.  They might be helpful for you too…. As long as they match YOUR brand as well.

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This week in our membership we have been exploring the topic of getting more referrals. It is a common thing that I hear from many allied health practice owners – how to get more GP referrals? Over the years we have run various online resources about how to communicate to referrers and build a relationship, but I really believe BEFORE you get to that point you need to go back and start at the beginning…….. and ask yourself these questions.

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Calling all allied health practice owners feeling in a bit of rut. Things not going your way, feeling a bit helpless in your quest for the balance, or just tired.  Following on from our previous post, we want to keep sharing tips and resources for managing your mental health as a practice owner.  Private practice can be a lot of fun, and I get so much satisfaction and joy from my team and my clients.  But… it is not without stress as well. There are lots of ebbs and flows in our private practice world. Some of these are within our control and some are not.  Today, I share three online programs that can assist your mental health this month….

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This month is mental health month and what better time to stop and consider what you are providing to your team in regards to maintaining a healthy mind in the workplace. You probably know yourself that the ebbs and flows of private practice can take their toll at times, and this can also have an effect on your staff.  I want to share with you some very cost-effective ways can contribute to a healthy mind, for yourself and also your team.

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