We understand that being in private practice has its challenges, and you are not alone in that area. There are many ebbs and flows to being in private practice that you need to navigate through. Rest assured, we are here to help and our mentoring program for 2017 helped many like minded allied health professionals to grow and organise their businesses.

  • Are you wanting to increase referrals but not sure of the best options?
  • Are you wanting to improve your organisation so you have the time to spend with family and friends?
  • Are you finding it hard to set aside the time to work 'on' the business?
  • Are you needing to know you have a financially secure practice for the future?
  • Are you wanting to make sure you have the right things in place to make your practice run smoothly?
  • Are you wanting to develop an amazing team to support your practice goals?

Our Summer Mentoring Program enables you to focus on areas specific to your practice, and provides practical, relevant, affordable advice. The sessions are available for all allied health practitioners, of any discipline.

So, what does the Summer Mentoring Program include? Here is what you will receive:

  • A mentoring planning resource: A great resource ebook designed to help you prepare for your mentoring program so you get the the most out of your sessions. We know it is hard to find time to sit down and plan, so this resource is a great guiding tool to get you started. 
  • Pre-mentoring questionnaire: We have a custom made questionnaire that we have developed to help set the expectations you have for mentoring which enables us here at Maida Learning to prepare for your session and ensure valuable time is not wasted.
  • Four x 1 hour mentoring sessions. These are one-on-one sessions with our Director and Founder, Amy Geach. Amy has over 11 years experience in private practice, and has three practices in Australia employing 10 staff. She has recently completed her MBA and is a practical, supportive and encouraging mentor. Our mentoring sessions are hosting online and are interactive and individualised based on your needs. 
  • Additional resources tailored just for you: You will be provided wtih handpicked resources that will help you towards your goals. These may include a document, template, webinar or links that will fast track your success in this program. 
  • Written summary: We want you to really get the most from this mentoring program. After each session, you will receive a written summary and action plan template to ensure you are making the most of your time between sessions.
  • Post session check ups: We will be available to all mentees via email or phone if you have any questions in between your sessions or have hit a 'roadblock' in working towards your goal. We are here to help you succeed.


Our Summer Mentoring Program is packed with practical resourcs, tips and advice, and is currently valued at $1479. We have an introductory offer for friends of Maida Learning. As a thank you to everyone who has been part of our community in 2017, we are offering our new mentoring program at $850. This is for a limited time until our bookings are full. To ensure we are able to maximise each program participant's outcome, we are only taking a limited number of individuals through this program.  


Think this might be for you? Register here if you would like to get organsed for 2018 through our Summer Mentoring Program. 


Once you have signed up, we will book in your sessions to suit your availability. We think the best way to get going in your practice is to have your sessions within a 6 week period, however, your mentoring sessions can be used anytime in 2018.

Please click here to register for our Summer Mentoring Program.


Our current mentees have found our mentoring service extremeley valuable to their practice.  

"This service has enabled me to have a clear direction for professional development and business success. With this personalised support my business continues to grow and be a rewarding experience. Highly Recommend!" (Josephine, VIC)

"I have found that Amy (and Maida Learning) have been open and non-judgemental in mentoring, meeting me where my business is currently at and providing practical support that helps me feel confident in each next step that my business takes!" (Katie, VIC)