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Online Courses

enrich your mind and enhance your skills with our easy to follow online courses, designed for the allied health practice owner

Know Your Numbers

A 9 week finance fundamentals program for allied health businesses

We get it. You are busy and probably haven't had the time sit down and look at your finances properly, or know your statistics well. You know some money is coming in, but you might not be at the point where you really understand your numbers - and how to make things better. 

We want to give you the best platform to not only understand your money and business performance well, but to feel confident with your numbers, AND put measures in place to make it super easy to track going forward. We have created this online program for you!

Knowing your numbers in business is so essential. It gives us a sense of whether we are financially sustainable, and areas we need to tweak or grow, and provides us with the facts on which to manage a business well.

So many allied health practitioners who have gone into business often either take a long time to get their head around finance information or spend most of their business life not really taking the time to learn about it well. This can be for so many reasons, such as being too busy, believing they are not good at money things, feeling too scared to dig down and look, or feel bad they are making money as a therapist.

You might right now also be feeling broke, falling down a financial cliff, climbing up the other side, feeling pretty happy with the money you have made so far, or swimming in pools of cash.  This course is not just for the broke business owners, it is for all – whether you are feeling great about your money or a bit ho hum…. You are going to get so much from this course. 

This online program will cover all the things you need to know as a business owner for feeling confident to collect and review your statistics for success and plan and design your practice money areas for success going forward.

We want to give you a great knowledge of the finance info you need to be a great business owner, without the overwhelm!

Any if you are thinking.... "I am not sure I can afford this", then you absolutely need to be in this program.

The program will start on the 4th November 2019, so you can get all sorted and ready for a great 2020 in your business. Going away for the holidays in December? That doesn't matter.... that is allowed. We encourage this. You can still participate in the course - either from afar, or catch up on the recordings when you get back.  Sometimes being away from work gives you the perfect setting to focus, so embrace it. 

This online program will cover these essential things:

  • Sorting out your money mindset so you are ready for finance growth
  • Learning how to understand your financial statements so you know what they mean and what to look for
  • Choosing the right numbers to measure for YOU in YOUR practice so you can track your business success. There are lots of things to choose from, and we will help you work out the right ones. 
  • Analysing and understanding what your numbers mean for you and how to improve them. We help you to know what numbers are good and what numbers need improving and HOW you can improve them.
  • Planning your financial goals and being proactive with a 12-month budget, so you know where you are headed for the next year
  • How to create systems to ensure you stay on top of your financial tasks and they are EASY to do! 
  • Forming good money habits so you can go on to do great things even after the online program has finished. 


We have included the following goodness for you:

  • 4 x online live training sessions with our founder Amy Geach
  • 4 x online live QandA sessions with our founder Amy Geach, to answer your questions you develop along the way through the program
  • Weekly tasks emailed to your inbox with a plan to follow – tasks will be achievable, and designed to progress you through the program
  • Support from like-minded participants and weekly support from Amy Geach through a private program Facebook Group
  • Workbooks to complement your learnings
  • 12-month budget template to save you time
  • Excel template for tracking your numbers to give you a dashboard to follow
  • Benchmarking table to assist you to work out the benchmarks you will use to assess your progress
  • Finance task checklist so you don’t miss out on what you need to be doing in your practice
  • Equations and equations! Good for working out your numbers. We provide you with all the info you need to apply these to your data and interpret them
  • Lists of tools and apps to help you in our handy download and videos on how each works

All these goodies are valued at $2299.

As an early bird special, we are offering an introductory price of $599 if you join before 1st November 2019. 

Maida Learning members will receive a special of 50% off as part of their membership for this online program, with a price of $299!

We know it can be stressful parting with your money, so rest assured we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up and decide it is not for you.

The program will run for 9 weeks and will be delivered online. You can sit in your pyjamas or comfy clothes for this one. No travel costs involved!


Crafting your allied health practice blog

Coming soon!

A blog page for your practice is a great way to market to your ideal clients, set you apart and build your brand. This online course will guide you through the key points to designing and crafting a blog for your practice.  This course will take you through 15 steps you need to consider when planning and then writing your blogs, and includes all the resources you need like a blog planner, blog checklist, and content calendar. This course is a great place to start for anyone who wants to get a blog idea off the ground but feels a bit nervous and is not sure where to start.  It is also a great course for anyone who has started their blog and wants to make sure it is performing optimally.

How does the course work?

The course will have the following modules:

  1. Planning your blog
  2. Planning your content
  3. Writing your first 5 top blogs
  4. Evaluating your blog success

What’s included:

  • Access to the four learning modules online: you can watch these at any time, and go back to them at any time for a period of 8 weeks form your sign up
  • A blog planner workbook: getting started and putting pen to paper is sometimes the hardest barrier to overcome. Our workbook will provide a place for you to start, and work out your blog design, branding, goals and help you generate ideas for blog content.
  • Our Maida Learning blog checklist: An easy and time efficient way to make sure each blog you put out addresses our 15 steps to crafting your perfect blog.
  • Your very own content calendar: Know what your blogs are ahead of time with our 3 month blog content calendar – this will provide a space for you to record your upcoming blog topics, when you will post then and where you will share them.
  • Blog analytics spreadsheet: the only document you will ever need to track your blog success. This spreadsheet is waiting for you! All you need to do is pop in your statistics from your blog site and our spreadsheet will help you know which blogs are winners and those that need review.
  • Access to a blog review by our founder, Amy Geach. This is a great way to get input into your blog before sending your content live. Amy will help ensure you have a great blog that is engaging, and meets your plan.

What are you waiting for!  People want to know what you have to say! Get your thoughts out and live in a structured way you will feel confident with.

Coming soon!