Plan Camp 2021

Plan Camp is not your average camp! Plan Camp is designed to lift you and your business, clear your head, and reboot your inspiration. It is a chance to get your confidence back, and find your focus for the upcoming year. It is a moment away from the busy where you will have space to plan.

Plan Camp is an exclusive member only Healthy Practice Past Retreater experience. Join us for a few days of connection with the best kind of people – your people.

Date: Postponed for 2022
Location: Daylesford, Victoria

Healthy Practice Retreat

Imagine if you had the chance to be surrounding by people that ‘get you’ – they know your struggles and your ambitions and are there to be your support team, cheering you along all the way in a safe and trusted environment.

Would you like the chance to celebrate your practice journey so far, and continue to grow that journey forward in one of the most beautiful settings in Tasmania, where you can sit quietly to think, be alone to dream but also be together and find strength to make the changes you need to make so you too can ensure your heart is home.

Well, what if I said I can provide all of those chances for you at the Healthy Practice Retreat? Widely offered to all allied health business practice owners.

Date: Returning in 2022
Location: Quamby Estate, Tasmania (30 minutes out of Launceston)

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