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free resources

we have developed a range of allied health business resources to help you out and save you reinventing the wheel! here are some freebies

Take our work-life balance quiz!

We know that owning a private practice can create challenges around sustaining a good work life balance. One of the great benefits of owning a practice is the flexibility it can provide, but often we become overwhelmed with the amount of work, and the need to continually see more and more clients.  Many of our members tell us that feeling too busy is one of their daily challenges. How do you rate? Take our quiz to see what your current work life balance is. 

Your Guide to Online Tools

Ever wondered if there was an easy online option to help you get more organised? Don't have enough time to research this yourself or know which ones are right for an allied health practice?  Well, we have put the hard work in so you don't have to. Our Guide to Online Tools lists all the tools that we have tried and tested and that we think will compliment your business.  If you want to be more organised, have greater communication with your team or customers, or simply need ideas on how to create training resources or marketing content..... our guide is a great option and you can download it here for free. 

Your private practice policy guide

What does it take to have a successful practice? One of the greatest ways we can ensure we are on the right path is to know and then implement the right policies and procedures. This creates flow, organisation and helps your clients and team know what to expect.  We also need to ensure as business owners we are following the right legal parameters.  This guide will show you the main policies and procedures we recommend you have to develop your successful practice. Download it here free today. 

p.s - members of Maida Learning have access to all resources