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The Connection doors have now closed.
Thank you for your interest. 

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The Connection is a space for you to feel great!

My name is Amy Geach and I'm a mum, wife, and an entrepreneur. I'm also a private practice owner, and live in Tasmania. I know your journey,  and I know private practice. I've been where you are now. I know what it takes to run a successful private practice that makes you feel good. One of the reasons I love having a practice is the ability to grow a workspace I can love and that suits my current family needs. I love that I can design an experience for my clients that creates warmth, engagement and results!

And.... I also know those darker days when you feel lost, overwhelmed, too busy to remember everything and feel like you are letting people around you down. I know that feeling of working into the night or giving up on things you love just to make it work. It took time to figure out how to get my practice ship sailing in the right direction.... and that feeling of realisation that things could actually work was pretty amazing!  That is why I created The Connection. I want you to find your transformation as well. The Connection is a space for you. A space to feel inspired, grounded, and reassured about your own practice journey. 

No need to feel lonely anymore! I am here and so are many other practice owners just like you waiting to meet you over at The Connection. They are real people, with real practices, showing up and being brave in their business journey. 

Our doors are currently closed.
We will reopen again later in 2021

Common feelings in private practice...

  • I'm not sure if I am doing this right, but other people in private practice seem to do it, so I'll just go with that for now
  • I don't have time to work on that right now, even though I know I need to. I'll put it on a list and come back to it.
  • I can't believe I forgot to do that.... again!
  • I'm really really tired but I can't change my diary because there is nowhere to move my clients to
  • I feel guilty being at work and know I should be home more. When I am at home, I feel guilty that I should be at work more. 
  • Somedays I think I am winning, and other days this just all feels like a mess. More messy days than winning days.
  • My to do list is never ending and I can't ever seem to get on top of things. 
  • I want to do some new things in my practice, but I am not sure how to do them
  • I have restless nights thinking about things in my practice that I have forgotten or that feel stressful
  • I feel like I am just winging it, but I want more confidence and knowledge to know I am on the right track

If you have ever felt any of the those feelings, you are not alone. Many of our members have felt like this in the past and have joined our membership to stop feeling that way. We help practice owners to confidently run a successful practice that they enjoy, so they feel organised with less stress and more time to do the things that are important to them. Our members achieve this through small steps forward. We don't expect you to make a massive overhaul to your practice and hustle! - we know success comes from regular consistent working on the business, and not just in it! The Connection is here to help you do this. 

"I've been a member of Maida Learning for a couple of years and an avid follower for a couple more than that. I can't recommend Maida Learning enough. Within the group, there is so much experience and everyone is so accepting - regardless of where you are in your business journey. I have found that whenever I have a random question, Amy and her team either have experience with it or go and find the information needed to share a considered answer. Probably my favourite part is the genuine connections I have made within the group that I always feel comfortable to turn to when I need some support."

Katie Johnson, Integrated OT

Inside The Connection we include:

  • Regular up to date allied health industry information so you feel confident to make decisions and adapt your practice
  • Quarterly mini online courses for free, around topics that help you get on top of those areas you might've been putting off! We call these Booster Shots - and they are a great way to get things done!
  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask all the questions you want - big, small or silly! It is a safe supportive place with like minded practice owners. No shaming - just a whole lot of love in there!
  • Access to templates and resources that have been written for allied health practice owners and are designed to save you time! We offer a wide range.... from client form, to policy templates, and checklists.
  • Access to our Factsheets on a range of topics, including how to choose the right interview questions, how to make sure you are following the privacy laws, and how to track your business success. 
  • Our monthly live online 'Make It Session' where we share insights and tips on topics that we believe are important to making it in small business.... and if you miss one... we have a library of all our recordings. 
  • Our member Huddle sessions where you can meet other members online and reflect on your business journey. A great way to stay accountable and set your focus each month. 
  • Our Tip of the Week videos where we share our insights from products, books, apps, and resources that we test out for you.
  • Member discounts to our one on one mentoring sessions, workshops and online programs. 
  • Opportunity to attend our business retreats.... The Healthy Practice Retreat and Plan Camp 

we want you to meet some of our amazing members

Meet Beth and Ngaire

"Before we joined Maida Learning, our practice journey would be described as small, lacking good procedures, and we found it difficult to define our vision. We love being a member because everything Maida Learning does is tinged with gold! Accessing templates, webinars, everything they do has a practical application and of high quality. One of our favourite things about working with Amy is she understands what we are trying to achieve and always pushes us further."

Beth and Ngaire, Territory Hands, NT

Meet Leith

"Maida Learning has been an incredinle resource for me when I started my practice. Not only do I get access to the professional information and Amy's experience of owning a private practice, the members provide support, kindness and a true understanding of the challenges of owning your own business. It's an incredibly supportive group and I',m so appreciative I get to continue to grow my business with guidance from the group."

Leith Stewart, Young Folk Therapy

Meet Nicole

"The best business decision I made was choosing to join Maida Learning. Amy's knowledge, enthusiasm, generosity, and practical sense is second to none and her staff embody all the values and virtues that you just want to bottle and take home. The access to resources, learning and other like minded members has saved my sanity, saved me from reinventing the wheel, and motivated me to improve my own service delivery."

Nicole Young, A-Z Clinical Solutions

Some of the topics we cover in The Connection are:

We have structured our content around 7 key areas to business success. We call these our Smart Spots, and they include:

  1. Heart and soul: We help you work out your 'why' so you can use this to centre your business and grow in the direction that suits you. Heart and soul is all about your vision, philosophy, goals and your core values. 
  2. Self: When we get into the nitty gritty of working on the business, we realise that we need to pair this with working on ourselves. We help you with skills to define your time management, build your leadership skills, and create the mindset, confidence and energy needed to tackle any business curves that might come your way. 
  3. Money: Your business needs to make money so you can keep doing good things. We talk honestly and openly about money and finances, and help you define your financial goals, create a budget, and track the performance of your business so you know where to tweak things. 
  4. Strategy: This area is critical to have a practice you can love that provides for you what you need. In our strategy areas, we cover topics such as creating a business plan. understanding your clients needs, learning how your services fit together, minimising risk, and how to develop your yearly plan. 
  5. Marketing: Whether you are flat out with a waiting list, or looking to get more clients into your clinic..... we help you to speak with your clients and understand their needs. our marketing content is designed for any practice and any stage and focusses on retaining clients you want, and creating amazing customer journeys. 
  6. Operations: This is often an area that can really bog a good practice owner down! We look to get you out of the weeds and into an organised, clutter free place. Topics we cover here include procedure development, managing complaints, policy generation (and yes, there are templates for these!), and developing a great work culture at your practice. We want you to have the systems that allow you the flexibility to focus on what you want. 
  7. Team: In this area, we help you to know when to develop a team around you and why this might suit our vision. We provide resources and help to recruit and manage your team members. 

The Connection is a boutique and beautiful place to be. 

There is endless wisdom and support waiting inside for you. We are here to help you achieve the business journey that's right for you. 

If you are anything like me, I bet you are feeling two things.... excited that you have a practice and you can go your own way and nervous about the business side of things and making it work. Trying to balance the practitioner side with the business side can feel like you are needing to split in two! I completely get that. The Connection is here to make things easier, less complex, and achievable. We can do it together. 

If you want to be part of the good stuff, then hop on our waitlist to be the first to know when The Connection opens again. 

"It is so lovely being part of a community of like minded health professionals where ideas are shared and we support each other. The resources on the website were so helpful for starting up as a sole trader, and the ongoing Booster Shots and Know Your Numbers course set me up for success."

Katy Kennedy, Skills for Living Occupational Therapy

Should you join The Connection?

Well..... to be completely honest... The Connection is not for everyone. It might not be the right place for you right now. But, it might also be just the thing you have been needing. 

You should join if you answer yes to the following:

  • You are ready to meet like minded amazing people who get you, get what you are trying to achieve and appreciate the struggles and wins that come along with this allied health practice journey
  • You are ready to work on your business and learn ways to create a business that works for you, and your family, and your clients
  • You are ready to be a business owner and take that step from 'I started a practice' to 'I own a successful business" 
  • You want to be in a vibrant supportive community who lift each other up
  • You want to take your practice to the next level.... whether that is a financial goal, building a team, improving experiences for your clients, or just getting organised. 
  • You are ready to stick it to the overwhelm and start making changes to take the stress and guesswork out of owning a practice

If this sounds like you..... then I am happy you are here because this space has been designed for you. 

Have questions?

Is this really going to help me make progress in my business? 

  • YES! The content you will work through has all be designed by myself for allied health practice owners. It is easy to understand. We help you through each step as you need it. I also share with you how I run my own practices - the things that work and the things that haven't in the past. 

How long do I have to sign up to be a member for?

  • If you pay monthly, as long as you like! You can be with us for 1 month, 12 months, 100 months..... you can cancel at any time. 
  • If you pay annually you are locked in for 12 months minimum.

Will I get access to Amy in The Connection?

  • YES! I completely love this membership and all the people in it, so I am in here daily creating content, answering your questions, sharing my thoughts and sharing my knowledge. You will see me in our monthly online sessions, as well as weekly via our member updates

I feel intimidated and nervous about the thought of being around others who know what they are doing. My practice is not at that level yet. Is it the right space for me?

  • You are not alone. Our self doubts tend to show up when we are stepping outside our comfort zone or into an unfamiliar space. They show especially if we are looking to do something that matters to us. Your inner critic is trying to protect you - you can thank it and progress forward! Know that you are coming into a very welcoming and supportive group of people who know exactly how your business journey is unfolding. They have been there too. I believe you are in the right place. 

I don't think my practice is 'big enough' to need this??

  • Sometimes I learn that sole traders feel they are too small for business support and should just work it out themselves. Sole trader businesses are no less important. You are not running a hobby, so I encourage you to put your business hat on regardless of your size. You will find that our resources are designed to suit any sized business. If you work by yourself without a team, there is a place for you here. 

What does it cost?

  • The Connection is $79 AUD a month (or $869 annually - one month free this way!)

Ready to go?

The Connection doors will open again this year. We will let you know when this will be. For now, we invite you to join our waitlist and stay connected to us. 

Still feeling a bit on the fence? Feel free to email us if you have any questions that will help you decide if this is the right space for you. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Maida Learning has been an amazing resource for me and my business. I have learnt so much about how to improve my business, my work life balance and the stress associated with being a business owner. The team and their advice is incredibly helpful but on a personal level, Amy is authentic, caring and invested in all the members at it shows. I feel part of an amazing community and there is always someone with amazing support on hand. Highly recommend!"

Kat Senger, Little Hands Occupational Therapy

"The support, information and practical resources that Maida Learning provides far exceeded my membership expectations. There are so many ideas and actions I have been able to immediately integrate into my practice. I wish I had joined years ago!"

Helen Fitzgerald, InHand Occupational Therapy

You may be wondering what the difference is between our membership and our mentoring?

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